Jaime Bermudez.

Barcelona photographer based in Brooklyn, headshots, portraits, and music. A passion for discovering new places and meeting new people, he travels the world to find new challenges towards his dramatic portraits style. He remembers when he was a little kid and his mother could never take a good picture of him, that made him realize how important photographs are for our lives and how much we love to see ourselves in photographs as time goes by.

I started my photographic career in NYC a few months before my son was born. I headed to b&h and purchased an entry level DSLR camera. To learn the basics of how a camera works, I registered for a class at small school called Photomanhattan. Short after my first assignment from the class I realized that I was hooked with photography. I remember spending hours in a street corner photographing anything that would cross the viewfinder of my camera. I also took thousands and thousands of pictures of my baby boy and would never delete a single picture. After my photography class I decided to learn photography by surfing the internet. I started reading blogs like strobist, dpreview, flicker, and basically anything that was free out in the internets. I spent the following 5 years breathing photography to a point that I build my own darkroom and learned techniques ranging from studio lighting to carbon printing, a really old historical process. While I was doing all this I was working as a database manager for a small nonprofit organization. Around October 2010 I didn't make the organization budget cuts and found myself forced to do photography full time. I lost the security of having a constant income but I gained the happiness of doing something I love. Today I am a dedicated portrait and headshot photographer living in Brooklyn, NY.